Viking Square's ground floor.

The room with the chip.

A glimpse of the ventilation.

Viking Square is an inner sector to the west of Central Control, on the same track as MPO Prison and District Pisces. It is 20 minutes away from Central Control, 40 minutes away from Pisces District, and 80 minutes away from MPO Prison. 1800 units of power is required to power it. Like other inner sectors, all floors besides the ground floor are entirely randomized for each playthrough, along with which floor the oxygen generator is on. It has six floors (F00-F05), with the ground floor being non-random and the last floor having the thermal generator.

The level 2 research data chip can be found in Viking Square, on a random floor that isn't the ground floor. The room that has the chip is a large, square room with a vent in each corner, and likely has four doorways. The chip is found in the ventilation system, laying on the ground near a deceased cat.

On F05, the only journal of the sector can be found in a square room, similar to the room with the chip but without the vents. In one corner of this room is a corpse with the journal and a side bag on the ground; in the side bag, a marsmari D can be found, which is the only known place where an improved marsmari can be found (outside of production, of course).

Journals[edit | edit source]

"Package Delivered"

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