A replaceable component of every Thermal Generator, the Thermal Regulator plays a crucial role in the game. Restoring heat to an area will both decrease the Infection Rate and allow Albert West to traverse the area without the need for Thermal Canisters.

To craft a new Thermal Regulator, West must first perform Research on a Broken Thermal Regulator using the Bio Research System at Herbert Research. This will make the blueprint for an intact filter available for production at the Bio Combine System at Nilson Engineering. Broken regulators can sometimes be found in crates near Thermal Generators, and are always found installed inside the Mars station's many non-functioning Thermal Generators.

Once installed, a manufactured Thermal Regulator will never break - but further research will lead to the production of improved versions that inhibits the infection's spread.

List of Thermal RegulatorsEdit

Picture Name Weight Effects Research Chip Level Needed to make
Thermal regulator trans
Thermal Regulator 1.00 Kg None 1
Thermal regulator MK II trans
Thermal Regulator MK II 1.00 Kg Infection Suppression 1
Thermal regulator MK III trans
Thermal Regulator MK III 1.00 Kg Infection Suppression + 2
Purification Regulator 1.00 Kg Purification 3
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