Suits are what Albert West wears. Although West doesn't need to wear a suit and can run around naked, wearing suits provides him with some damage mitigation and quick item slots (although he somehow has one item slot even without a suit). The prison suit that West begins with can be researched, but doing so only allows production of more prison suits. Standard Colonist Suits can be found in the west of Central Control, in the medical office in the southwest and in storage in the northwest, as well as randomly in the other sectors.

Quick Item SlotsEdit

West always has at least one quick slot, which can hold a variety of items. The number of slots available is based the equipped suit. Pressing the associated slot's key (on keyboard) or pressing the Quick Slot button while a slot is selected (on controller) will use that item without the need to go through your inventory, if applicable. While a number of obviously helpful items can be put on quick slots (such as food, medical supplies, spare suits, and grenades), there are also a variety of other items that can be quick slotted with little purpose, such as (broken) oxygen filters (does not allow you to quickly insert or replace a filter in an oxygen generator) and keycards (cannot use the quick slot key to use the card, but normal interaction still works). Neither guns nor melee weapons can be placed in a quick item slot, likely because three weapon slots are already available.

A quick slot is similar to an actual inventory slot, which means that slotted items are still subject to their stack limits. So if you want to quick slot a large number of a particular item, it will likely take more than one quick slot to carry it all.

It is worth noting that, like equipped items, items in the Quick Item Slots are not technically in the inventory, so they do not contribute to your inventory's item or weight limit. They can contribute to giving West an overburdened status, which slows his movement based on its severity, but this has not been observed through regular gameplay and the requirements for being overburdened are not precisely known.

List of SuitsEdit

Notes: "RES PHY" is "physical resistance", which reduces HP damage taken from mutant attacks. "RES CON" presumably means "Contamination Resistance", but this does not affect contamination gained from consuming food or drinks, nor does it affect the rate that contamination increases (when your contamination is above 0). It is assumed that it decreases the contamination gained from mutant attacks, but this has not been confirmed through testing.

The "Life Support" statistic only noticeably affects how long it takes for lack of warmth to apply Crippled to West. It does not affect oxygen depletion rate, thermal canister depletion rate, rate of HP loss due to lack of oxygen, how long it takes to begin losing HP after running out of oxygen, or the rate of natural HP regeneration (see article comments for tests performed).

Despite the IEVA Suit's description and very high Life Support stat, wearing the IEVA Suit does not negate the need for oxygen or thermal canisters in any environment. It is primarily used to safely explore the Mars surface, where just canisters is insufficient.

Image Name Item Slots RES PHY RES CON Life Support Mobility Durability Weight Research Level Research Time Engineering Level Production Time
IEVA Suit trans IEVA Suit 1 20% 90% 95% 70% 50 4.00 2 6h40m 2 2h13m
MPO Prison Suit trans MPO Prison Suit 2 2% 0% 10% 100% 10 0.02 1 1h40m 1 25m
Standard Colonist Suit trans Standard Colonist Suit 3 5% 0% 20% 100% 75 0.40 1 1h40m 1 25m
Standard Colonist Suit MK II trans Standard Colonist Suit MK II 3 10% 5% 25% 100% 75 0.40 1 2h 1 30m
Standard Colonist Suit MK III trans Standard Colonist Suit MK III 3 15% 10% 30% 100% 75 0.40 1 2h13m 1 33m
Advanced Colonist Suit trans Advanced Colonist Suit 3 20% 15% 35% 90% 90 1.00 2 2h26m 2 36m
Advanced Colonist Suit MK II trans Advanced Colonist Suit MK II 3 25% 20% 40% 100% 90 1.00 2 2h40m 2 40m
Advanced Colonist Suit MK III trans Advanced Colonist Suit MK III 3 30% 25% 45% 110% 95 1.00 2 2h53m 2 43m
Power Suit trans Power Suit 6 35% 30% 50% 90% 100 5.00 3 3h20m 3 50m
Power Suit MK II trans Powersuit MK II 6 40% 35% 55% 100% 100 3.00 3 3h33m 3 53m
Power Suit MK III trans Powersuit MK III 6 45% 40% 60% 120% 105 4.00 3 3h46m 3 56m
Battle Suit trans Battle Suit 6 50% 45% 65% 100% 110 4.00 4 4h26m 4 1h6m
Battle Suit MK II trans Battle Suit MK II 6 55% 50% 70% 120% 115 5.00 4 5h 4 1h15m
Battle Suit MK III trans Battle Suit MK III 6 60% 55% 75% 130% 120 6.00 N/A N/A 4 1h23m
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