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Subterrain Wikia

Welcome to Mars

You are Dr. West, the lone survivor of MPO, an underground city on Mars. Can you survive?

Craft Equipment

Craft equipment to survive the harsh atmosphere.

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Kill Mutants

Look out for Mutants anywhere you haven't explored yet!

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Use Weapons

Craft and use ranged weapons or melee weapons to kill enemies.

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Welcome to the Subterrain Wiki

This is the Wiki for the indie game Subterrain, developed by Pixellore. It is a survival horror game with an emphasis on exploration and crafting. If you're new to the game and are overwhelmed by everything that's going on, try reading some of our Tutorial pages that are about some of the basic concepts in the game.

Subterrain 2 is not covered by this Wiki.

Recent News or Updates for Subterrain

Release Note : Version 1183 21 Sep 2021 - - 2021/09/20 15:23

Release Note : Version 1183 21 Sep 2021- Update : Turkish language fix / update...

Version 1180 06 Aug 2021, Hungarian language support added - - 2021/08/24 13:53

We have just updated the game to version 1180.- Added Hungarian localization support. (a lot of thanks and credit to Norbi for his hard work!)- Added limited item mod support. Please join our discord...

Subterrain : Mines of Titan - - 2021/07/01 00:30

This is official announcement that the development of next game in Subterrain franchise is named:Subterrain : Mines of TitanSteam page has been updated with new character art direction too!https://sto...

Subterrain 2 Announcement - - 2021/06/15 18:01

It has been around 7 years since we have been set on the journey to create independent game, and our first love was Subterrain 1. Since then, we have tried our best to keep going and create game with...

SUBTERRAIN 2 Announcement Date - - 2021/06/12 03:29

We are humbled and excited to let you know that: Subterrain 2 will be announced at 6:00pm PST time on 15th of June 2021.Official stream page will be open and community hub as well.The game is still in...