Spirit 2

The room with the chip.

Spirit Plaza Ground

Spirit Plaza's ground floor.

Spirit Plaza is an inner sector to the north of Central Control, on the same track as District Leo. It is 30 minutes away from Central Control and 40 minutes from Leo District. 1800 units of power is required to power the sector. Like other inner sectors, all floors besides the ground floor are entirely randomized for each playthrough, along with which floor the oxygen generator is on. It has six floors (F00-F05), with the ground floor being non-random and the last floor having the thermal generator.

The level 2 biosphere data chip can be found in Spirit Plaza, on a random floor that isn't the ground floor. The room that has the chip is at the end of a short, U-shaped room with exactly one entrance. In addition to the chip, Zeronica Jones' keycard is found here. This keycard is used in District Pisces to access the level 4 research data chip. Another copy may be found in the same district, near the level 3 chip.

On F00 of Spirit Plaza, the Space Center keycard can be found in a side bag in the northeast corner. This keycard is used to properly access the Murray Space Center.


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