Level 1 Software is already installed in all of the machines in the core sectors from the beginning, but these can be improved to expand the respective machine's capabilities. These improved softwares can only be produced after researching their respective data chip (for example, researching the Level 2 Engineering Chip will allow the production of Level 2 Engineering Software), which are found scattered around MPO's many sectors.

If software is entirely removed from a machine, then the machine will halt all production and West will refuse to interact with the machine at all.

The following is a list of all software chips and their respective locations. Note that, although the chip-sector correspondence is not random, the sectors themselves are largely randomized.

Software cannot be recycled at all, no matter the level, but as many as desired can be produced. Software is researched at the Tech Research System and produced at the 3D Printing System. Software takes about an hour to be produced, but research time varies greatly by level of the chip. It is worth noting that there are three machines that use Research Software and two machines that use Engineering Software, so multiples should be made to maximize productivity.

Software Research and Production[edit | edit source]

This table details the research requirements for data chips and the production requirements for the resulting software. Level 1 software cannot be researched nor produced. All data chips weigh 0.05 kg. All software costs 40 electronic resin and 5 palladium to be produced.

Software Level Research Level Research Time Engineering Level Production Time
Level 2 1 3h20m 1 50m
Level 3 2 4h26m 2 50m
Level 4 3 5h33m 3 50m
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