Shotgun Link

Linking a shotgun.

Shotguns are one of three gun types that are available from the start of the game. Like all guns, a shotgun requires a shotgun core, a heatsink, and a barrel to be linked before it can be used; these may be unlinked at any time. Preassembled shotguns can be found in Central Control (one in each desk in the southwestern office) and possibly in the MPO Prison (near the first enemy, but it may be a pistol or SMG instead). In other sectors, security offices may contain any basic weapon, including shotguns or shotgun cores. Once researched, shotgun cores can be produced at the 3D Printing System.

Shotguns have the shortest range among all guns, making them most suited to close-quarters combat, not unlike shotguns in most other games. Another similarity is the very high damage per shot that shotguns sport, which allows even the most basic shotguns to instantly kill most unevolved enemies with a well-placed point-blank shot, even on the highest difficulty. Even stronger evolved enemies rarely take more than three point-blank shots to kill, maybe four on Nightmare difficulty for the toughest.

Shotgun Blast

The blast of a shotgun.

Despite the high damage, the short range is just as much of a consideration. Enemy melee attacks are often significantly more dangerous than enemy projectiles, if not because higher damage then because melee attacks are actually capable of inflicting status effects (assuming they aren't shielded against). The fact that shotguns leave you in range for melee attacks means that using a shotgun requires more careful maneuvering in order to avoid damage, thus using a shotgun may be preferred for the more experienced, or at least for those willing to take the extra hits. Firing a shotgun does knock you back slightly, so moving with this in mind can improve maneuverability.

List of all Shotgun CoresEdit

All stats are per trigger pull. All shotgun cores fire 8 shots per trigger pull. Durability decreases by 1 per shot fired; where other guns lose 1 Durability per trigger pull, shotguns lose 8 Durability per trigger pull due to the "shots per fire". The weight is of the gun core alone; once linked with a heatsink and barrel, the heatsink's and barrel's weights are added on. All shotgun cores have 1.00/sec rate of fire, 8 shots per fire, 3 range, and weigh 0.50 kg.

Image Name Link Capacity Damage Angle Energy Knockback Durability Weight Research Level Research Time Engineering Level Production Time
Shotgun Flux trans Shotgun Flux 100 300-359 30° 25 8-8 1200 1 3h20m 1 50m
Shotgun Flux G2 trans Shotgun Flux G2 100 320-380 30° 25 8-8 1200 1 3h26m 1 51m
Shotgun Flux G3 trans Shotgun Flux G3 100 340-399 30° 20 8-8 1200 1 3h33m 1 53m
Shotgun Flux GA trans Shotgun Flux GA 100 360-420 29° 30 9-8 1250 2 3h40m 2 55m
Shotgun Flux GA2 trans Shotgun Flux GA2 200 380-440 29° 30 9-8 1250 2 3h46m 2 56m
Shotgun Flux GA3 trans Shotgun Flux GA3 300 400-459 29° 25 9-8 1250 2 3h53m 2 58m
Shotgun Flux GT trans Shotgun Flux GT 300 420-480 28° 35 10/10 1400 3 4h00m 3 1h
Shotgun Flux GT2 trans Shotgun Flux GT2 400 440-500 28° 35 10-10 1400 3 4h06m 3 1h1m
Shotgun Flux GT3 trans Shotgun Flux GT3 500 460-519 28° 30 10-10 1400 3 4h13m 3 1h3m
Shotgun Flux GX trans Shotgun Flux GX 500 480-540 29° 40 12-12 1450 3 4h20m 4 1h5m
Shotgun Flux GX2 trans Shotgun Flux GX2 600 500-559 29° 40 12-12 1450 4 4h26m 4 1h6m
Shotgun Flux GX3 trans Shotgun Flux GX3 700 520-580 29° 35 13-12 1450 N/A N/A 4 1h8m

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