Melee weapons are close-ranged weapons that consume stamina instead of the power that guns consume. Although there are a variety of melee weapons available only two can be researched: batons and knives. Once researched, these and improved versions can be produced at the 3D Printing System. The melee weapons that cannot be researched at all are crowbars, wrenches, and hammers; since they cannot be researched, they cannot be produced by any means, and are only obtained by looting containers.

A baton and knife can be found in Central Control, one of each in each of the desks in the southwestern office. In other sectors, security offices can contain any basic weapon, including any of the aforementioned melee weapons.

Batons focus on knocking enemies back and eventually stunning them, whereas knives have a higher critical hit chance to improve damage output. Crowbars, wrenches, and hammers have slightly higher damage than basic batons and knives along with significantly higher knockback, but none of the three have any critical hit chance, as opposed to the 20% that batons and 30% that knives have.

Melee weapons may be useful if conserving power from power packs becomes a serious concern, since they consume stamina instead of power. They are more dangerous since they require being right next to an enemy in order to hit it, but with the bumbling and predictable behaviors of most enemies, this may not be a serious disadvantage for more experienced players.

Melee weapons have a few features that are unique to them when compared to guns. Melee weapons are not modular, thus they can be used immediately rather than requiring other components. Melee attacks can be charged simply by holding the attack button, increasing its damage. If an enemy is attacked with a melee weapon from behind, the inflicted damage is doubled. This ties in well with the inherent silence that melee weapons have, a trait that guns require several research cycles to obtain.

Finally, unlike suits and guns, melee weapons may still be used when broken (at 0 durability). A broken melee weapon has all of the stats of its functional equivalent, except that it has 20% of the weapon's normal damage (rounds down).

List of BatonsEdit

Image Name Damage Knockback Critical Chance Durability Weight Research Level Research Time Engineering Level Production Time
Baton trans Baton 20-45 30-40 20% 150 0.80 1 1h40m 1 25m
Improved Baton trans Improved Baton 30-55 35-40 20% 200 0.90 1 2h13m 1 33m
Heavy Baton trans Heavy Baton 35-60 50-60 20% 400 0.80 2 2h46m 2 41m
Weighted Heavy Baton trans Weighted Heavy Baton 40-69 60-69 20% 400 0.80 2 3h20m 2 50m
Electric Baton trans Electric Baton 45-75 40-49 20% 300 0.80 3 4h26mm 3 1h6m
Heavy Electric Baton trans Heavy Electric Baton 50-80 60-69 20% 400 0.80 3 5h 3 1h15m
Laser Baton trans Laser Baton 60-90 60-69 20% 300 0.80 4 5h33m 4 1h23m
Heavy Laser Baton trans Heavy Laser Baton 70-99 80-89 20% 500 0.80 N/A N/A 4 1h31m

List of KnivesEdit

Image Name Damage Critical Chance Durability Weight Research Level Research Time Engineering Level Production Time
Knife trans Knife 20-30 30% 200 0.60 1 1h40m 1 25m
Long Knife trans Long Knife 30-40 30% 220 0.70 1 2h13m 1 33m
Double Edged Knife trans Double-Edged Knife 40-49 30% 250 0.60 2 2h46m 2 41m
Double Edged Sword trans Double-Edged Sword 50-60 30% 300 0.60 2 3h20m 2 50m
Electric Knife trans Electric Knife 60-69 30% 250 0.60 3 3h53m 3 58m
Electric Sword trans Electric Sword 70-80 30% 300 0.60 3 4h26m 3 1h6m
Laser Sword trans Laser Sword 100-150 30% 600 0.60 4 5h33m 4 1h23m
Long Laser Sword trans Long Laser Sword 150-199 30% 1200 0.60 N/A N/A 4 1h40m

Other WeaponsEdit

Image Name Damage Knockback Durability Weight
Crowbar trans Crowbar 20-30 40-49 80 0.80
Hammer trans Hammer 20-24 65-74 50 1.40
Wrench trans Wrench 30-34 75-95 100 1.60
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