Medical supplies are used to restore some aspect of West's overall health. Medical kits restore HP, bandages remove bleeding, nanocasting kits remove fractures, and decontamination pills reduce West's contamination (which directly impacts his body condition). They can be added to quick slots to facilitate their use. All medical supplies have a stack limit of 5, except for decontamination pills, which stack up to 10.

It should be noted that none of these items are instantaneous. After using an item, West spends a few seconds to apply the item; after application, the item will last for its listed duration, applying effects either during or after this duration, depending on the item. The short process of applying an item does not impede West in any way, except for preventing another item from being applied; however, if West is hit while applying an item, it will not be applied and will be lost.

List of Medical Kits[edit | edit source]

A medical kit restores West's HP slowly while it is active. Although improved kits heal more HP over a shorter duration, it is worth noting that the basic medical kit is the only kit that does not require enemy drops to produce, which makes mass producing it much easier on resources.

Image Name Health Restored Duration Weight Research Level Research Time Engineering Level Production Time
Basic Medical Kit trans.png Basic Medical Kit 20% 33m 0.50 1 1h40m 1 25m
Improved Medical Kit trans.png Improved Medical Kit 40% 26m 0.40 2 2h13m 2 33m
Emergency Medical Kit trans.png Emergency Medical Kit 50% 13m 0.40 3 2h13m 3 33m
Complete Medical Kit trans.png Complete Medical Kit 60% 7m 0.40 N/A N/A 4 33m

List of Bandages[edit | edit source]

A bandage cures the Bleeding status effect when its duration ends. While a bandage is active, the effects of the bleeding are still active, but they will not worsen over time. The severity of the bleeding does not affect the bandage's duration.

Image Name Duration Weight Research Level Research Time Engineering Level Production Time
Bandage trans.png Bandage 1h57m 0.05 1 1h40m 1 25m
Improved Bandage trans.png Improved Bandage 1h23m 0.05 2 1h56m 2 29m
Advanced Bandage trans.png Advanced Bandage 50m 0.05 3 2h13m 3 33m
Ultra Bandage trans.png Ultra Bandage 17m 0.05 N/A N/A 4 33m

List of Nanocasting Kits[edit | edit source]

A nanocasting kit heals the Fracture status effect when its duration ends. While a nanocasting kit is active, the effects of the fracture are still active, but will not worsen over time. The severity of the fracture does not affect the duration of the nanocasting kit.

Image Name Duration Weight Research Level Research Time Engineering Level Production Time
Nanocasting Kit trans.png Nanocasting Kit 2h43m 0.05 1 2h46m 1 41m
Improved Nanocasting Kit trans.png Improved Nanocasting Kit 2h13m 0.05 2 3h20m 2 50m
Advanced Nanocasting Kit trans.png Advanced Nanocasting Kit 1h6m 0.05 3 3h53m 3 58m
Ultra Nanocasting Kit trans.png Ultra Nanocasting Kit 34 0.05 N/A N/A 4 1h6m

List of Decontamination Pills[edit | edit source]

Decontamination Pills reduce West's contamination while active. Strength is measured here by how many minutes it takes for contamination to be reduced by 1, so lower is better by this metric.

For practical reference (since contamination also grows while a pill is active), a standard pill can reduce 100 contamination to 77 in its duration, or 45 to 3. The C pill can reduce 100 to 69, or 45 to almost 0. B reduces 100 to 52. A reduces 100 to 35.

It is worth noting that all Decontamination Pills require exactly 50 Blood Extract and 10 Biosphere products. Since the main bottleneck will be the blood extract in the long run, it is always best to produce the best pill available, especially since basic pills can be found somewhat frequently. Basic decontamination pills can be useful while exploring new areas, since the long duration can allow the pill to remove the contamination that future hits will inflict. Improved pills should be saved for reducing contamination when it gets uncomfortably high.

Image Name Duration Strength (Min/Con) Weight Software Level Research Time Production Time
Decontamination Pill trans.png Decontamination Pill 3h20m 5 0.06 1 1h6m 16m
Decontamination Pill C trans.png Decontamination Pill C 2h30m 3 0.06 2 1h40m 25m
Decontamination Pill B trans.png Decontamination Pill B 1h40m 1 0.06 3 2h13m 33m
Decontamination Pill A trans.png Decontamination Pill A 50m 0.5 0.02 4 N/A 41m

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