The MPO Prison is the local prison for the MPO colony and serves as the tutorial area for Subterrain. Albert West begins the game here, but it can be accessed at any point using the tram. It requires 1600 units of power to be active. If a new game is started with the "Skip Tutorial" option selected, this area is skipped and West begins at Central Control with some items from the prison and 3 hours 34 minutes elapsed.

Description[edit | edit source]

The map of MPO Prison's F01.

The map of MPO Prison's F00.

The prison takes up two floors: the lower floor contains all of the prison cells and living arrangements for inmates and the upper floor contains the visitation area and facilities for the prison wardens.

The prison floor, F01, consists of a set of ten cells on the east and west sides of the floor; each cell contains a desk, vent, toilet, and bed in almost identical orientations, and a few cells may have food or drinks. Behind the cells are large bathrooms and shower rooms. In the center of the floor is a large square room that has several couches, with two workout rooms in the northwest and northeast corners. To the south is the dining hall and kitchen, with a large office and a staircase leading to the upper floor to the north.

The visiting floor, F00, centers around the four visiting rooms in the center. Most of the floor is just hallways and storage rooms circling around the visiting area. Near the visiting area is a small kitchen with a few beds just north of it and a bathroom to the south of it. The southern portion of the floor holds the tram and the visitor verification hall. Slightly northwest of this area, and just west of the visiting area, is the oxygen and thermal generators, which are still functioning at the time of West's escape.

Points of Interest[edit | edit source]

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