The MPO Mine is an automated facility where the Mars colony harvested a number of minerals from the planet. It is accessed through Central Control via a staircase that is locked by the MPO Mine Keycard. It requires 1300 units of power to be active; without power, the Mine Extractor will cease to function.

MPO Mine Ground

The map of the MPO Mine.


The mine spans one floor and has its own oxygen and thermal generators, like other core sectors, although these are still initially broken. The residential area covers the western portion of the floor. The generators are in the northeast corner. The rest of the floor is occupied by mining instruments. Containers with nickel ore, ilmenite ore, and the occasional palladium and titanium can be found scattered about these areas.

The primary use for the mine for Albert West is excavating minerals via the MPO Mine Extractor machine, and the minerals can be refined at the Ore Refining System. The resulting materials can be used to create a variety of items, including weapons and software.

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  • Journals: "Mine Excavator", "It's Martin, Bro!"

Mine ExtractorEdit

The MPO Mine Extractor is used to extract ores from the crust of Mars. Once extracted, these ores can be refined at the Ore Refining System. This system can be found in the Mine, but once Level 2 Mine Software is installed, this system can also be remote controlled in Central Control and Nilson Engineering on Hardcore and Nightmare difficulty (level 1 on Easy and Normal). Extracted ores are automatically stored in the Material Storage.

Extraction of any ore can be cancelled at any time. The extractor can only extract one type of ore at any time (up to 50 of it in a single command), but extraction can be queued so that another begins when the current ore is extracted. The queue begins with a maximum capacity of 4 with level 1 software and increases by 2 for each software level.

The following items can be produced (with the required software) and then refined into a material:

Software Level Ore Harvest Time (min) Gem¹ Refined Ore Refine Time (min)
1 Nickel Ore 11.66 Nickel Gem Palladium 5.82
1 Ilmenite Ore 13.32 Ilmenite Gem Titanium 6.66
2 Monazite Ore 14.16 Monazite Gem Cerium 7.08
2 Bastnaesite Ore 15.82 Bastnaesite Gem Neodymium 7.9
3 Gadolinite Ore 14.16 Gadolinite Gem Scandium 7.08
3 Xenotime Ore 15 Xenotime Gem Yttrium 7.5
4 Petalite Ore 15.82 Petalite Gem Lithium 7.9
4 Apolonite Ore 16.66 Apolonite Gem Casandrium 8.32

¹All gems take 1.66 minutes each to be refined.

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