The MPO Biosphere was the primary producer of food for the Mars colony. It can be accessed via a staircase in Central Control, behind a locked door that requires an MPO Biosphere Keycard. It requires 1300 units of power to be active; without power, the Biosphere Accelerator will cease to function.

MPO Biosphere Ground

The map of the MPO Biosphere.


The Biosphere has one floor and its own oxygen and thermal generators, like other core sectors, although these are still initially broken. The Biosphere mostly consists of two large rooms near the entrance, where robots tend to the produce; living quarters just south of the production rooms; offices in the northeast; and the generators to the north.

Also of note is the Shuttle Fuel Data Chip, found in the administrative office in the northeast room of the Biosphere. Although the chip requires level 2 research software, it is essential to West's goal of escaping the colony.

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Biosphere AcceleratorEdit

The MPO Biosphere Accelerator is used to produce plants. West can either consume these plants or refine them at the Bio Processing System. This system can be found near the entrance of the Biosphere, but once Level 2 Biosphere Software is installed, this system can also be remote controlled in Central Control and Nilson Engineering on Hardcore and Nightmare difficulty (level 1 on Easy and Normal).

Produced plants are stored in the Material Storage and are ready to be processed into usable materials, which are used by the Bio Combine System. Production of any plant can be cancelled at any time. The accelerator can only produce one type of plant at any time (up to 50 of it in a single command), but production can be queued so that another begins when the current plant is grown. The queue begins with a maximum capacity of 4 with level 1 software and increases by 2 for each software level.

All Biosphere Accelerator products can be consumed by West in order to sate his hunger or thirst. However, this is not recommended, since they are guaranteed to heavily contaminate West (5, 8, 10, or 15, if the difficulty is on Easy, Normal, Hardcore, or Nightmare, respectively).

The MPO Biosphere Accelerator can produce the following items (with the required software) and then refined into a material:

Software Level Plant Harvest Time (min) Liquid Process Time (min)
1 Grapes 10.82 Resveratrol 5.4
1 Tomato 10.82 Lycopene 5.4
2 Peanut 10.82 Isoflavones 5.4
2 Corn 11.66 Zeaxanthin 5.82
3 Carrot 11.66 Alpha-Carotene 5.82
3 Lemon 10.82 Hesperidin 5.4
4 Garlic 13.32 Allicin 6.66
4 Onion 14.16 Quercetin 7.08

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