This is a list of the items in the inventory's Materials category, organized by its source.

Recycling ItemsEdit

These are the primary materials of the game; almost every single item in the game uses at least one of these materials, and recycling just about anything will yield at least one of these materials.

Recycling Enemy LootEdit

Any killed enemy can drop a small variety of miscellaneous items, all of which are simply recycled. When recycled, the items yield one of these three materials. These materials are only used at the Bio Combine System.

Mining/Jewelry/Refining OreEdit

These materials all end up as refined ores. Unrefined ores are occasionally found laying around, mostly in the MPO Mine, but they are mostly harvested using the Mine Extractor. Gems are obtained by recycling the various jewelry that can be found in display cases, which mostly appear in the inner sectors; they may also be found as actual gems in side bags that were left behind by others. Both gems and ores can be refined by the Ore Refining System to gain the refined equivalent.

Ore Gem Jewelry Refined Ore
Nickel Ore Nickel Gem Nickel Necklace Palladium
Ilmenite Ore Ilmenite Gem Ilmenite Earring Titanium
Monazite Ore Monazite Gem Monazite Ring Cerium
Bastnaesite Ore Bastnaesite Gem Bastnaesite Necklace Neodymium
Gadolinite Ore Gadolinite Gem Gadolinite Bracelet Scandium
Xenotime Ore Xenotime Gem Xenotime Bracelet Yttrium
Petalite Ore Petalite Gem Petalite Earring Lithium
Apolonite Ore Apolonite Gem Apolonite Ring Casandrium

Farming/Refining PlantsEdit

These materials are obtained by harvesting plants from the Biosphere and then refining them at the Bio Processing System. The refined products are used exclusively at the Bio Combine System. The plants are put into the Food/Drinks category of the inventory rather than the Materials category, but consuming them is not recommended since they increase contamination. They may sometimes be found behind locked doors, but since these appear randomly and uncommonly, this is far from a reliable source of plants.

Plant Liquid
Grapes Resveratrol
Tomato Lycopene
Peanut Isoflavones
Corn Zeaxanthin
Carrot Alpha-Carotene
Lemon Hesperidin
Garlic Allicin
Onion Quercetin
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