Food decreases Albert West's hunger after being consumed. The amount of hunger that is restored depends on which food is eaten. Some foods will have a chance of slightly increasing West's contamination, with Rotten Food Scraps guaranteeing heavy contamination. Other than the Biosphere products, food items cannot be produced, only found.

All non-Biosphere items have a stack limit of 99, except for Rotten Food Scrap which has a limit of 999. Biosphere items have a limit of 50.

List of FoodEdit

Image Food Name Hunger Sated Contaminated? Weight
Roast Beef trans Roast Beef 70% No 0.33
Morning Cereal trans Morning Cereal 70% Yes (+1-3%) 0.1
Salmon trans Salmon 60% No 0.25
Pineapple trans Pineapple 50% No 0.25
Spaghetti trans Spaghetti 50% No 0.3
Baked Beans trans Baked Beans 40% No 0.3
Snack trans Snack 30% Maybe (+1-2%) 0.07
Chocolate Bar trans Chocolate Bar 30% Maybe (+1-2%) 0.1
Rotten Food Scrap trans Rotten Food Scrap 10% Yes¹ 0.07
Corn trans Corn 10% Yes² 0.15
Grapes trans Grapes 5% Yes² 0.07
Tomato trans Tomato 5% Yes² 0.05
Peanut trans Peanut 5% Yes² 0.03
Carrot trans Carrot 5% Yes² 0.07
Lemon trans Lemon 5% Yes² 0.05
Garlic trans Garlic 2% Yes² 0.05
Onion trans Onion 2% Yes² 0.2

¹ Rotten Food Scrap increases contamination based on the difficulty setting: 15, 24, 30, or 45 for Easy, Normal, Hardcore, or Nightmare, respectively.

² Biosphere products increase contamination by 5, 8, 10, or 15, for Easy, Normal, Hardcore, or Nightmare, respectively.

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