Drinks restore Albert West's thirst after being consumed. Unlike food, all non-Biosphere drink items are safe from contamination.

In addition to the listed drinks, West can drink from taps found throughout the colony, such as from the sinks in bathrooms or kitchens. Each tap has its own reserve of water, and drinking from a tap reduces its reserve by 20 (or empties it, if it had less than 20 remaining), as well as reduces an equal amount of West's thirst (e.g. drinking the remaining 15 from a tap will decrease thirst by 15, as well as empty the tap). Drinking from a tap has a chance to increase West's contamination by 20. There is no known way to restore a tap's water supply.

Like food items, drink items cannot be produced, only found, except for Biosphere products (which are potentially contaminated). All non-Biosphere drinks have a stack limit of 999. Biosphere items have a limit of 50.

List of DrinksEdit

Image Name Thirst Weight
Purified Water trans Purified Water 70% 0.15
Energy Drink trans Energy Drink 60% 0.2
Vita D trans Vita D 50% 0.1
Beer Can trans Beer Can 40% 0.1
Soft Drink trans Soft Drink 30% 0.2
Tomato trans Tomato 5% 0.05
Lemon trans Lemon 5% 0.05
Onion trans Onion 2% 0.2

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