Journals are either notes that Albert West makes about a particular thing or a record from another person that West finds. Any journals that West finds or makes can be read at any time (except during sleep) by clicking the Journals icon in the upper-left corner of the game screen or by pressing the selected hotkey (default 'J' on keyboard, 'X' on controller).

A journal may or may not be an item. If it is not an item, interacting with a particular object or simply walking into a specific area will add the journal to the Journals interface and automatically open the journal to be read. If it is an item, it will be found in either a container or on the floor, and goes into the "Data/Keycards/Facility" tab of West's inventory. Once the item is used, the journal will be added and can be read.

Many journals contain information that can be vital to learning or completing the game, often with highlighted text to show exactly what should be noted. Specific journals will hint toward a sector that will have a data chip; when one of these journals is read, an icon will appear on the map once the correct floor is reached, making it easier to find the chip without exploring every nook and cranny. Most other journals serve to give background information regarding what happened in the past, such as the origins of Nilson Engineering. Very few journals will hold information that is unrelated or unnecessary.

List of JournalsEdit

The following is a list of journals that can be found in the game and their locations. The actual contents of the journals are not on the Wiki because their contents are copyrighted by Pixellore. If reading a journal reveals an item's location, the item and the sector that it's located in will be in parentheses.

Hidden Area

*Crash Site

    • Crash
    • Assessment
  • Murray Mansion
    • What is This Place?
    • Murray's Phone Call
    • West's Notes
    • Confession Part 1
    • Confession Part 2
    • Confession Part 3
    • Confession Part 4
    • The Trap
    • Purification
    • Method of Purification
    • The Plan
    • The Gate

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