Heatsinks are a required component of all guns. All guns require a gun core, a heatsink, and a barrel to be linked in order to use the gun; these may be unlinked at any time. Heatsinks can naturally be obtained by unlinking complete guns; six complete guns can be found in Central Control, in the two desks in the southwestern office. In other sectors, security offices can hold any weapon component, including complete guns and heatsinks.

Like all gun components, heatsinks can researched and then produced at the 3D Printing System. Once research is complete, improved variants of the basic Heatsink Frost 100 can be produced and subsequently researched, independent of the other gun components. Improved heatsinks have increased heat-storing capacities, allowing for more shots before cooling down is required, and increased rates of cooling down, providing less downtime. An improved heatsink is essentially required for using a plasma launcher, since even the most basic plasma launcher generates more heat than a basic heatsink can manage.

It is worth noting that, regardless of a heatsink's cooldown rate, a gun will not begin to cool down until a second has passed since its last shot.

List of all Heatsinks[edit | edit source]

Image Name Heat Capacity Cooldown Rate Link Capacity Weight Research Level Research Time Engineering Level Production Time
Heatsink 10D trans.png Heatsink 'Frost' 10D 50 4 50 0.50 1 2h13m 1 33m
Heatsink 20D trans.png Heatsink 'Frost' 20D 60 4 50 0.50 1 2h20m 1 35m
Heatsink 30D trans.png Heatsink 'Frost' 30D 70 5 50 0.50 1 2h26m 1 36m
Heatsink 350 trans.png Heatsink 'Thor' 350 80 5 50 0.40 2 2h46m 2 41m
Heatsink 360 trans.png Heatsink 'Thor' 360 90 5 100 0.45 2 2h53m 2 43m
Heatsink 420 trans.png Heatsink 'Thor' 420 100 6 150 0.45 2 3h 2 45m
Heatsink 70D trans.png Heatsink 'Loki' 70D 110 6 150 0.35 3 3h20m 3 50m
Heatsink 80T trans.png Heatsink 'Loki' 80T 130 6 200 0.50 3 3h26m 3 51m
Heatsink 90F trans.png Heatsink 'Loki' 90F 150 7 250 0.50 3 3h33m 3 53m
Heatsink F350 trans.png Heatsink 'Naglfar' F350 175 7 250 0.30 4 4h26m 4 1h6m
Heatsink G120 trans.png Heatsink 'Naglfar' G120 200 8 300 0.30 4 4h40m 4 1h10m
Heatsink M100 trans.png Heatsink 'Naglfar' M100 200 10 350 0.45 N/A N/A 4 1h13m

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