Guns are the ranged weapons of the game. A gun must first be assembled by linking together a gun core, a heatsink, and a barrel; they may be unlinked at any time. The gun core determines what type of gun is created: pistol, SMG, shotgun, or plasma launcher. The first three types are available from very early on, but the plasma launcher must be produced after first researching its associated data chip.

All guns function similarly: when the trigger is pulled, a projectile (or group of projectiles, in the case of the shotgun) is fired in the chosen direction (with a degree of variance, based on its accuracy); doing this consumes power from the equipped power pack. Insufficient power will prevent the gun from firing, even if there is a portion of the necessary power available. Each shot fired will decrease the gun core's durability, and the gun will cease to function when the durability hits 0, but this can be restored at the Nano Reconstruction Bay (either the core or the linked gun can be stored to repair it).

Shotguns are the shortest-range gun type, SMGs are medium-range, and pistols are long-range. Plasma launchers are short-range, but are better at dealing damage to an area and can also deal damage to the player.

All gun components can be researched, allowing for the production of improved variants. Other than the plasma launcher core, all gun components have three variants per software level, with the variants requiring refined ore materials about equivalent to the software level.

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