The Gemini District is an outer sector to the east of Central Control, on the same track as Carson Hotel and Murray Space Center. It is 65 minutes away from Central Control, 25 minutes from Carson Hotel and 39 minutes from Murray Space Center. 3300 units of power is required to power the sector. Like other outer sectors, all floors besides the ground floor are entirely randomized for each playthrough. The oxygen generator and a level 3 data chip are found on any floor between F01-F05 inclusive, the level 4 data chip is found on any floor between F06-F10 inclusive, and the thermal generator is found on F10, the last floor.

Better Bar Bad

The wrong Better Bar.

Better Bar Good

The correct Better Bar.

The level 3 research data chip is found between F01-F05 inclusive. In the pictured room, a plethora of "Better Bars" can be found on the ground. Exactly one of these bars will contain the chip; all others will greatly increase contamination if used. The correct one can be identified through the X on the wrapper; compared to the other bars, the correct one will have a brighter red X and the lower-right portion of the X will be shorter.

The level 4 mining data chip is found between F06-F10 inclusive, in a suitcase in a standard living suite.


"Better Bars", "Ortega's Phone Call", "Mr. Wiggles"

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