Central Control Ground

The map of Central Control.

Central Control is the central point of power in MPO, both figuratively and geographically, and serves as Albert West's safe haven. Uniquely, it is free of infection and will never become infected, despite radioactive waste being spilled in the northern area. It can be accessed via tram or stairs (in the case of Nilson Engineering, Herbert Research, MPO Mine, and MPO Biosphere) and requires 1300 units of power to be active. If a new game begins with the "Skip Tutorial" option selected, West begins the game here, along with a few items from the MPO Prison and 3 hours 34 minutes elapsed.


Central Control serves as West's safe haven and hub, so it helps to get used to its layout. Central occupies one floor and has its own oxygen and thermal generators; unlike most of MPO, these generators are already equipped with a functioning oxygen filter and thermal regulator. They are found in the eastern area, north of all of the machines.

The southern area has the tram, from which West can travel to any powered location besides the core sectors, and a save point. Near those are recharging stations for power packs (7000 capacity), oxygen canisters (200 capacity), and thermal canisters (200 capacity); these particular stations have significantly more capacity than any others. Slightly north of the charging stations is a small room with several containers (these containers have abnormally high capacities, so they make for great storage and item management) and the Material Storage and Production Output. The two latter are the exact same as the ones found in Nilson Engineering and actually share storage with it (for example, if you put something into the Material Storage in Central, it will be available in the Material Storage in Nilson, too).

The eastern area is inhabited by a variety of machines; these machines are all remote terminals to machines in Nilson Engineering, Herbert Research, the MPO Biosphere, or the MPO Mine (except the Nano Reconstruction Bay, which is unique to Central). All of these remote terminals require level 2 software in the respective machine in order to be accessed from Central on Hardcore and Nightmare difficulty (level 1 on Easy and Normal). The Nano Reconstruction Bay repairs West's weapons and suits, as well as the generator's reactor modules.

The northern area is occupied by the Power Generator and its accompanying facilities: eight turrets and sixteen reactor modules. The turrets start out empty, but West can put SMGs in them. When an invasion arrives, West can activate the turrets to have them automatically shoot nearby mutants with the armed SMG. Slightly south of the Power Generator room is the switch to activate the turrets, as well as three recharging stations (whose capacities are shared with the southern stations) and a remote Nano Reconstruction Bay.

The western area has the residential facilities, including beds, a bathroom, and a medical office (which contains two samples of each basic supplement and medical supply as well as a standard colonist suit). In a small container in the bedroom is where West finds the Power Control Room Keycard, which is in the center of the floor.

The center of Central houses the Power Control room, from which West can allocate and deallocate power at will. Also in this room are two journals and several keycards: two of each Nilson Engineering, Herbert Research, and Generator keycards. Just north of the power control room are four staircases that lead to the other core sectors: Nilson Engineering, Herbert Research, MPO Mine, and MPO Biosphere.

Points of InterestEdit

Power ControlEdit

Power Control Room
The Power Control room is where West can allocate and deallocate power from the Power Generator to sectors of MPO at will, including Central Control itself. Once powered, sectors will generate oxygen and heat, assuming the generators have a functional filter and regulator, respectively. Power will also, of course, be supplied, which will turn on the lights in the sector. Note that inner and outer sectors will still be dark if the respective floor's breaker is not turned on.

While the power control room is where most of the power allocating occurs, most of the action occurs in the power generator room, so it is recommended to read that page for more details.

Nano Reconstruction BayEdit

Nano Reconstruction Bay
The Nano Reconstruction Bay is a machine in Central Control that can repair various items. Although it begins with severe limitations - two functioning item slots that repair up to 50% durability - it can be improved by providing higher level research software. Each level of software increases its maximum durability by 10%, for 80% at level 4 research software, and a third item slot will become functional at level 3 research. The actual repair speed will also improve with the software.

The Nano Reconstruction Bay seems to scale its repair speed with the item's max durability, to some degree. For example, a pistol and an smg will take approximately the same time to be repaired from 0 durability, despite the fact that SMGs have about ten times the durability of a pistol. The details of repair speed are unknown.

A Nano Reconstruction Bay can be found in both the north and south parts of Central Control. These share the same storage, so the northern one is simply for ease of access during invasions and to more efficiently repair and replace reactor modules.

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