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Weapons in Subterrain fall into two broad categories - melee and ranged. All weapons consume durability when used, but melee and ranged weapons differ in the other resources they consume.

Melee weapons consume stamina to swing, and prolonged melee combat will quickly leave West exhausted. Several mundane objects, such as hammers, wrenches and crowbars, can be used as melee weapons, and two purpose-built weapons can be produced and enhanced via research - batons and knives. Batons have a knockback effect on enemies while knives have a critical hit chance.

Ranged weapons consume power with every shot, drawn from an equipped power pack, and also generate heat. Heat is stored and dissipated by the weapon's installed heatsink. If a weapon overheats, West will drop it to the ground. Ranged weapons are modular, being constructed from three parts - a barrel, a core, and a heatsink. All weapon modules can be individually researched, leading to the production of improved versions. Guns include pistols, SMGs, shotguns, and plasma launchers.

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