This category contains all of the enemies that the player will face in the game.

Enemies are all creatures that were heavily mutated by aggressive nanomachine technology, initially developed by Albert West to cure his wife but later adapted by a third party for a more nefarious purpose. Like West, all enemies have health that must be depleted before they die and have a peripheral vision that can leave them unaware if West sneaks up behind them. They can also hear unsilenced gunshots and West's footsteps if he is running. Most enemies have some form of attack that will damage West, as well as slowing him and potentially other problematic effects if it is not shielded against.

The quantity and quality of enemies that infect a sector is effectively based on that sector's local infection. There is not strictly an actual relationship between the two; rather, enemies both reproduce and evolve over time. It may be possible to have an area with highly evolved enemies while keeping their actual numbers low, or to have a high quantity of very basic mutants (more easily seen once the Purification Data is obtained). Still, local infection is a good indicator of what to expect from an area, in terms of enemies.

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