Subterrain Wikia

The beacon settings interface.

Active beacons on the ground.

Beacons serve as personal waypoints and notes. Once used (not dropped), a beacon is placed on the floor and can be interacted with to edit it. Beacon settings only include text and a small variety of colors, which changes how the beacon appears. A beacon can be dragged around or picked up again to be placed elsewhere; picking up a beacon will remove its saved settings (no warning is given, so be careful).

Beacons can be researched at the Tech Research System and then produced at the 3D Printing System. They may also be found randomly around the colony, often in side bags that have been left behind. They may be recycled at the Tech Recycle System.

Beacons on the map.

In addition to its map marker function, an active beacon will emit a small amount of light around itself; since an area is likely to be explored before an active beacon ever reaches it, this functionality is unlikely to ever be useful. Naturally, since a beacon has about as much function as a hand-written note, players that do not use notes or can commit needed notes to memory are unlikely to find any real use for beacons. They can be useful to note areas that have or have not been explored or looted yet, or to note areas that strong or numerous enemies were seen and not killed yet. If nothing else, they were useful in creating more detailed maps for the purposes of a wiki.

Image Name Weight Stack Limit Research Level Research Time Engineering Level Production Time
Beacon trans.png
Beacon 0.02 10 1 26m 1 6m