Barrels are a required component of all guns. All guns require a gun core, a heatsink, and a barrel to be linked in order to be used; these may be unlinked at any time. Barrels can naturally be obtained by unlinking complete guns, which can be found in Central Control, in the two desks in the southwestern office. In other sectors, security offices can contain any basic weapon, including complete guns and barrels.

Barrels can be researched and then produced at the 3D Printing System. Once researched, improved variants can be produced and subsequently researched. Improved barrels sport a higher chance of dealing a critical hit, and high end barrels eventually gain a laser sight and a silencer, but have a higher linking cost (essentially requiring better gun cores, which have the link capacity).

List of all BarrelsEdit

Image Name Critical Chance Link Capacity Weight Laser Sight Silencer Research Level Research Time Engineering Level Production Time
Barrel C42 trans Barrel 'Serious Harry' C42 4 50 0.30 1 2h13m 1 33m
Barrel C58 trans Barrel 'Serious Harry' C58 6 50 0.30 1 2h20m 1 35m
Barrel C72 trans Barrel 'Serious Harry' C72 8 50 0.30 1 2h26m 1 36m
Barrel F330 trans Barrel 'Dancing doll' F330 10 50 0.30 2 2h46m 2 41m
Barrel F360 trans Barrel 'Dancing doll' F360 12 100 0.30 2 2h53m 2 43m
Barrel F420 trans Barrel 'Dancing doll' F420 14 150 0.40 2 3h 2 45m
Barrel R2 trans Barrel 'Phantom' R2 15 150 0.40 3 3h20m 3 50m
Barrel R3 trans Barrel 'Phantom' R3 17 200 0.40 3 3h26m 3 51m
Barrel R5 trans Barrel 'Phantom' R5 20 250 0.50 3 3h33m 3 53m
Barrel GE180 trans Barrel 'Raging Bull' GE180 20 250 0.50 4 3h53m 4 58m
Barrel GE190 trans Barrel 'Raging Bull' GE190 22 300 0.50 4 4h 4 1h
Barrel GE210 trans Barrel 'Raging Bull' GE210 25 350 0.25 N/A N/A 4 1h1m

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