The Armored Spitter is a stronger form of the Strong Spitter.


Armored spitters don't really learn any new tricks. Like the Spitter and strong spitter, armored spitters simply run at Albert West, attacking with projectiles when they can and using their claws if he is too close. Like strong spitters, they will get as close as possible to West. They simply have higher health, speed, and damage; a slightly bigger hitbox; and a faster projectile.


Armored spitters deal more damage with each projectile, and the projectiles themselves are noticeably faster than weaker spitters. Therefore, it may be better to use a safer method to kill them, such as a pistol or SMG. Close combat is still an option, but is more dangerous compared to fighting the weaker spitters. About three shotgun shots to the face can kill an armored spitter on Nightmare.

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